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Cycling Instructions:

Our recommendations are for a high rate of revolutions per minute (RPMs), high intensity exercise session with low to zero resistance on the bicycle wheels. Therefore, you will need access to a stationary bike that has an RPM read out, and also adjustable resistance.

Additionally, we recommend cyclists wear a heart rate monitor strap on their chest during cycling to safely monitor heart rate during exercise. These can be purchased at any sporting goods store or Target.

Regarding actual cycling, we recommend the following:

Specifics per Exercise Session:


Overall Cycling Recommendations:

We recommend people see their doctor to clear them for a new exercise program. If you have no cardiac issues in your history, the standard calculation to determine an aerobic heart rate range is as follows:

220- your age = maximum aerobic heart rate (HR)
Maximum aerobic x 60% = lower end of your aerobic range
Maximum aerobic HR x 80% = upper end of your aerobic range

So, for a cyclist who is 55 years old:
220 - 55 = 165
165 × 60% (or .60) = 99
165 × 80% (or .80) = 132
So during the aerobic portion of exercise, aim to keep your HR in the range of 99-132 beats per minute.

Additional Recommendation:
We do recommend all of our Parkinson's disease participants are under the care of a movement disorders neurologist (as opposed to a general neurologist). A movement disorders neurologist has more experience with the tyoes of medications and dosing that are relative and specific to Parkinson's disease patients.
Contact Information:
Please contact Liz if you have any questions regarding the cycling recommendations-She is a great resource for the Parkinson's community, regardless of where you receive your care.

Liz Jansen, MPH, BA, Program Manager for Dr. Jay Alberts's Neuroscience Laboratory
The Cleveland Clinic, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Phone: 216-445-3866
Email: jansena@ccf.org